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Company Valuator

Business valuation is a mixture of art and science. Few subjects produce a greater disparity of opinion regarding the actual procedure and outcome. It is not uncommon to value a business by more than one method and assign a weighted average of the various methods used. In the end, a business is ultimately worth what a buyer will pay for it. Nonetheless, there are ways of estimating and justifying a fair price.

One might think that business valuations would be more certain and well defined. Considering the objective data, primarily financial statements, valuations at first glance would appear to be more straightforward. Several factors add to the uncertainty. No public records are available that list the actual price a buyer paid for a privately held business. There are parts of a valuation that are intangible such as goodwill that make up a significant part of the final number. Additionally, every business has it's own unique set of factors (growth potential, lease terms, trends of the particular business, environmental or legal issues, etc.) that can make it difficult to gain a consensus among business valuation experts. Enjoy the use of our proprietary Company Valuator to examine some of the elements used to establish the value of a company.

At Bay Pacific Group, we Enhance Value for our sellers by:

Developing and implementing an enhancement value strategy.
Specific recommendations to enhance the value of the enterprise.
Positioning the company as an attractive acquisition candidate.
Entertaining Multiple bids for your company to increase value.

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